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The Slip House Boys are a current Superuniverse Top 10 character, based off of a humerous story regarding TGBL's dad watching Global Wrestling Federation late one night and claiming that he saw a team known as "Son and Fun - The Slip House Boys"


Episode 15

It was eventually deduced that the tag team of "Son and Fun" were one of TWO possible conclusions - The Stop and Go Express, or the tag team of John Tatum and Rod Price - The California Connection.


First appearance in the Top 10: Episode 19 (#1)

Last appearance in the Top 10: Episode 40 (#7)

Total appearances in the Top 10: 11

(Episodes 19-25, 38-40)

  • Note - The Slip House Boys were the 1st ever Superuniverse Top 10 champions, won in Episode 20 by way of a tournament in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.