Hangman - Travis Heckel artwork

Art by Travis Heckel

Bruce Pobanz (aka The Hangman) (b. Oct 8, 1956) is Retired Pro-Wrestler, Movie Actor & Church Pastor. 

For over 24 years, "The Hangman" traveled the world as a Pro-Wrestler.

He retired from the wrestling ring in 1999 to further pursue his other endeavors including acting in movies and TV; his varied community interests, spending more time with his family and expanding his role as a Christian Evangalist.[1]

Sadly, The Hangman has finished up in the 6:05 Territory as Episode 70 was his last mentioning on the show with regards to the Top 10.

Here's the Hangman's testimony (as heard in Episode 8).


  • Dick The Bruiser, Moose Cholak and many others[2]

Championships and accomplishments

  • Boogie's Wrestling Camp Hall of Fame [3]
  • Most Inspirational Pairs as voted by Mitt Romney [4]
  • Torch Carrier for the Winter Games in Salt Lake City [5]
  • NWA Light-Heavyweight World Champion
  • Crowd Favorite Award - Hot Dog Eating Contest Jesup, GA [6]
  • Proud Member of the CAC [2]

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