John McAdam (accessed from personal FB - March 3 2018)

John McAdam is a frequent contributor, friend of the show, and co-host on the 6:05 Superpodcast.


John has been involved with wrestling as a fan, as a premier tape trader, and even as a promoter! One of the first matches that got John into wrestling was a program from the WWWF between Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf against The Executioners, and following that, the rest was history.

John got his first VCR in 1985, and started blind writing people in wrestling magazines such as Wrestling Eye and the Kaitzer mags to potentially trade tapes. Through there, John became involved with such people as Dave Meltzer - who sent John some sample copies of the Observer Newsletter before getting hooked - and Brian Trammel, and would go on to be one of the premier tape traders due to his meticulous and comprehensive match summaries on his tape catalog, which provided others to get a well-rounded and insightful opinion on the matches he had to offer. John would also be a frequent visitor of such fan contentions as the UAWF and Smoky Mountain Fan Week.

John also dipped his toe into promoting his own promotion, UCW, around May 1992 through late 1993, and successfully taped some shows in the Massachusetts area even after rebuffing the strong-arm attempts of Killer Kowalski to prevent talent being used on John's shows.

Some of John's favorite tapes to collect for are Mid South Wrestling and Championship Wrestling from Florida. John was a frequent visitor to the Boston Garden shows for the WWF with plenty of stories about the debauchery and asinine behavior from the Boston crowd after a few drinks. John also calls WCW's Great American Bash 1989 show one of the best shows he'd seen live, and can also be seen holding up signs on the hard camera at the not-so-great Great American Bash 1991 show.

With regards to the 6:05, John has provided excellent analysis and has opined on such divisive topics such as the aftermath of the passing of Jimmy Snuka with regards to his legacy, his feelings about how his favorite wrestler- Ric Flair - was being held down by the Four Horsemen in the late 80's, and had provided a comprehensive list on who could have possibly been NWA champion between 1977-1981 INSTEAD of the boring and exhausting reign of Harley Race.

You can find John on Facebook, and find him in many of the various wrestling groups on Facebook as well!