Dr. Jerry Graham

Dr. Jerry Graham was a legendary wrestler as one half of the Golden Graham / Graham Brothers tag team with Eddie Graham in the Northeast for Capitol Wrestling in the 1950's, and has cemented himself in cult status on the 6:05 Superpodcast due to humorous discussions about his erratic and personal antics behind the scenes in wrestling.

Origin on the 6:05

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Relationship with Kurt Brown

Kurt Brown first mentioned in episode 50 that his first run-ins with the Doc occured in the early 1980's after driving the Doc home from a show near Bakersfield, CA.

Idiosyncrasies and "The War Cry"

A staple of Dr. Jerry Graham stories on the 6:05 relate to the overall mannerisms and demeanor of the good Doctor during his sobriety, and equally, his times of inebriation.

Photos and Videos

605 Dr Jerry Graham and his mother (art by Travis Heckel)

Dr. Jerry Graham and his mother, after storming a hospital to get her dead body back (Episode 54).