List of 6:05 Superpodcast Co-Hosts by episode

Episode 37: Scott Cornish

Episode 38: Kurt Brown

Episode 39: Scott Cornish

Episode 40: Kurt Brown

Episode 41: Tom Robinson

Episode 42: Jim Cornette

Episode 43: Scott Cornish

Episode 44: John McAdam

Episode 45: Kurt Brown

Episode 46: Tom Robinson

Episode 47: Scott Cornish

Episode 48: Bob Barnett

Episode 49: Tom Robinson

Episode 50: Kurt Brown

Episode 51: Bobby Blaze

Episode 52: Travis Heckel

Episode 53: Jim Cornette

Episode 54: Tom Robinson

Episode 55: Mike Mills

Episode 56: Scott Cornish

Episode 57: Kurt Brown

Episode 58: John McAdam

Episode 59: Tom Robinson

Episode 60: Bobby Blaze

Episode 61: Tom Robinson

Episode 62: Scott Cornish

Episode 63: Jeff Bowdren

Episode 64: Kurt Brown

Episode 65: Tom Robinson

Episode 66: Tom Robinson

Episode 67: Jeff Bowdren

Episode 68: Tom Robinson

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