Akeem Bixenspan was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character and show topic


The creation of Akeem Bixenspan was referenced from a joke between TGBL and David Bixenspan in Episode 3 regarding the story about TGBL's Bar Mitzvah --- work in progress** about Bix's recent travels to family reunion, mentioning that he had a distant cousin named Akeem (or Akim, sp.) The discussion lead to some riffing and jokes between the two, with the listeners chiming in that he was some variation of the Akeem character, portrayed in WWF by wrestler One Man Gang; a white wrestler being reborn as an "African Dream" personae.

Episode 3 - Bix was mentioning - during the talk about TGBL's Bar Mitzvah - that during his Bar Mitzvah, his mother was talking about inviting some distance relatives that he had never heard of before, and he said that he had a distant cousin named Akeem, leading a surprised TGBL to opine that his cousin should be named Akeem Bixenspan.


First appearance in the Top 10: Episode 19 (first ever Top 10 rankings; #2)

Last appearance in the Top 10: Episode 37 (#9)

Total Apperances in the Top 10: 6 appearances

(Episodes 19, 20, 24, 32-33, 37)