From the very beginning of the 6:05 Superpodcast various characters have been created by The Great Brian Last and his guests & co-hosts, these characters have become an important part of the show and are a very popular feature of the weekly Top Ten List. This section provides information about the characters that have appeared on the 6:05 Superpodcast and how the characters began.

El Pibe Diaz 82' & 83'

El Pibe Diaz 82' & 83' wrestled for Titanes En El Ring and were introduced to the show in episode 1 when David Bixenspan & The Great Brian Last watch a video clip of El Pibe Diaz 83' diving through the ring ropes during a match and falling head first onto the floor outside the ring. El Piba Diaz 82' is discussed because of his ring entrance with several women and his theme music which is a favorite of Brian Last.

Black Scorpion

The Black Scorpion was created by Brian Last in episode 2 as a random impression which was done to annoy David Bixenspan, but the impression grew over the following weeks into a full character by episode 7. The character is based upon a wrestling storyline in WCW in 1990 involving Sting and a mysterious,magical masked man voiced by Ole Anderson, which is the voice impersonated by Brian Last as The Black Scorpion. Black Scorpion is known for asking about certain years relevant to the co-host of the show and for mini concerts on the Moog. Black Scorpion has been voted onto the Top Ten List more times than any other character in the history of the Top Ten.

Hangman Bruce Pobanz

Bruce Pobanz is a real person that claims to have wrestled for many years as "The Hangman". He became a character on the show in episode 8 when David Bixenspan asks Brian Last if he had ever heard the story of Bruce Pobanz. The Hangman is a popular character on the Top Ten List and has been the subject of several lenghty segments on the show.

Orgasmic Larry Nelson

Orgasmic Larry Nelson is a character that was born in episode 15 and is based on former AWA announcer Larry Nelson. David Bixenspan plays a video clip of a promo with Derrick Dukes and Larry Nelson hyping an upcoming match, at the end of the promo Larry Nelson makes a prolonged unintelligable noise that Brian Last equates to the sound made while orgasaming. Orgasmic Larry Nelson is also known for the sound bites " What's the stipulation?" and "Are we havin' fun people!?".

Denim Fritz

Denim Fritz is a character created by Brian Last in episode 4 when Brian Last & David Bixenspan were discussing Fritz Von Erich in an all denim outfit coming out of retirement to wrestle with his sons against the Fabulous Freebirds at the Parade of Champions show in 1984. Brian Last does an impression of Fritz saying " Get me the denim!" during this discussion and in several episodes to follow. Denim Fritz became a regular character voiced by Brian Last during the Top Ten list by episode 21. Denim Fritz Tweets are a popular part of the weekly Top Ten list.

Sue The Shooter

Sue The Shooter is a character born in episode 16 and is voiced by Brian Last. Sue The Shooter was created by Brian during a segment where he read an article on air about Sue Shuter called "Confessions Of A Ring Rat." Sue is known for her fondness of wrestlers Jushin Liger, Tiger Jeet Singh and Wee Willie Wilson and is also known for her ongoing dispute with Bobby Blaze over their lone encounter in Austrailia. Sue The Shooter has been a very popular character on the Top Ten list for much of it's existence. 

Santo Gold

Santo Gold is a character brought into the 6:05 Superuniverse in episode 18 by David Bixenspan & Brian Last during their discussion of the unreleased wrestling/horror movie Blood Circus,which was created by Santo Gold. Santo Gold is a real person sometimes known as Bob Harris, but for various business/legal reasons he uses the name Santo Gold. He is known for his late night infomercials in the 1980's that sold his brand of gold products and for a related music video as well as the Blood Circus film. Santo Gold is one of the most enduring characters on the weekly Top Ten list. 

The Slip House Boys

The Slip House Boys began as characters in episode 15 when Brian Last tells the story of talking to his Dad on the phone after his Dad had watched wrestling on TV and told Brian about a tag team match he watched featuring a team called Sun & Fun aka The Slip House Boys. It has never been fully determined who The Slip House Boys actually were and it's unlikely the true answer will ever be known. The Slip House Boys are the very first Superuniverse Top Ten champions, they won the championship via a tournament in Rio De Janeiro and held that title for several weeks to follow.

Rasslin' Glen Goza

Glen Goza became a character in episode 25 when David Bixenspan plays an audio clip on Glen Goza's song " Goin To Rasslin" on the air. Glen Goza is a real person that sang at several wrestling events for World Class Championship Wrestling in the 1980's. In several subsequent 6:05 podcast episodes, a different live version of "Goin To Rassling" is revealed which contains a hilarious mess up of the first lines of the song by Glen. Glen was a regular fixture on the early Top Ten lists.

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